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Back It Up Osteopathy is the new osteopath Docklands residents and workers can rely on for convenient and professional osteopathic care. Conveniently located within Collins Square and operating from Monday to Friday, it’s now easier than ever to find the time to do something good for yourself. Pay me a visit on your way to or from work, or even on your lunch break, and I’ll help you to achieve pain relief and overall health improvement. My approach will always involve listening carefully to your concerns and needs and applying my experience and ongoing training to your specific situation. To find out more about how I can help you, or to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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Back It Up Osteopathy Docklands

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Back It Up Osteopathy Docklands

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What does osteopathy involve?

There are a lot of misconceptions around what an osteopath does. In short, osteopathy is a system of manual medicine. It focuses on diagnosing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which includes your bones, joints, muscles and nerves. As an Osteopath Docklands, I can help patients of all ages with a range of issues, and I do this using a variety of techniques that include stretching, massage, mobilisation and joint manipulation. I consider your whole body – not just the symptom. Sometimes, you may experience pain in one area that’s related to something that has occurred elsewhere in the body. That’s why it’s important to consider how everything is working, not just one element. While every ‘body’ is unique, most acute cases will require 3-5 treatments in order to gain the full effects.

So how can I help you?

I take a holistic approach in all cases to provide effective treatment as well as advice which can help you to prevent further problems. I offer osteopathic treatment for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Postural issues that regularly arise among teenagers and office workers
  • Whiplash following a minor car accident or similar
  • Musculoskeletal problems, such as those from being seated all day or always on your feet
  • Pregnancy-related pain
  • Sports injuries including tennis elbow
  • Pelvic pain
  • Scoliosis and growth pains in children and teens
  • Disc irritation
  • Neck tension and headaches

Osteopath Docklands – Book Your Appointment

Musculoskeletal issues can come up at any time and are often very uncomfortable. That’s why I recommend that you see an Osteopath Docklands as soon as you experience any of the above problems in order to evaluate the injury and get you on the road to recovery. Whether your pain comes from your office job or regular exercise, whether you’re young or old, I want to find the solution. Next time you’re in Docklands for work, fun, or because you call it home, pay a visit to Back It Up Osteopathy. You can make an appointment through the ‘Book Now’ button or by calling me, Dr Alexandra D’Agostin, on 0439 222 550. I look forward to meeting you and working towards a more comfortable and healthy future.