Meet Alex

Dr Alexandra D'Agostin - Osteopath, Clinic Owner
Bachelor of Health Science, Applied Science (Osteopathy) and Exercise and Sport Science

I spent most of my younger years spending hours on the pavement and track training for competitive racing in both track and triathlons.

Throughout this time, I witnessed firsthand injury after injury, whether they were my own or that of my team members. I realised then that my passion in life would be to help people achieve their goals pain-free, whether that was getting PBs, running a marathon or just getting through the working week without getting a headache.

From there, my passion for osteopathy continued to grow.

I also have a huge passion for treating babies and toddlers. I have treated many children throughout my career for a variety of conditions including reflux, constipation, restrictive neck movement, unsettledness and hip issues.

When I’m not working, I’m out training for ultra-marathons, hitting the ocean or pool for a swim, or travelling the globe finding new and amazing places to explore (usually with my running shoes on!).

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Meet Jake

Dr Jake Wright - Osteopath
Bachelor of Science and Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Graduating from RMIT university with a double bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Applied Science (Osteopathy), Jake applies a strong structural approach to his treatment and evaluates the impact that exercise, supplementation, diet, posture, workplace and lifestyle factors can have on his patient’s recovery and pain management. Jake treats a range of conditions such as muscle strains, back pain and repetitive injuries. He has an interest in upper limb injuries, TMJ complaints and headaches.

Jake believes educating his patients and instilling confidence around their injury and management is the best approach to long term change. He utilizes all types of treatment options such as myofascial dry needling, sports taping and other osteopathic techniques. Jakes’s keen interest in sport and the human body has enabled him to apply his skills across various local and professional football clubs, whilst maintaining a structured patient centred approach to treatment and rehabilitation across all ranges of fitness and age group.

You will find Jake at Back It Up Osteopathy on Thursdays and Fridays.

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