Meet Alex

Dr Alexandra D'Agostin - Osteopath and Clinic Owner
Bachelor of Health Science, Applied Science (Osteopathy) and Exercise and Sport Science

Alex dedicated her formative years to rigorous training in both track and triathlons, immersing herself in the endurance and thrill of competitive racing. Witnessing a myriad of injuries, whether her own or her team members’, instilled a deep-seated desire to help others attain their goals without the burden of pain.

Whether it’s achieving personal bests, conquering a marathon, or simply navigating the daily grind unscathed, Alex found her calling in ensuring people could pursue their passions and dreams seamlessly. Her fascination with osteopathy blossomed during this period, fueling her drive to provide individuals with holistic and effective treatments.

Within her practice, Alex has developed a fervent love for caring for infants and toddlers. Guiding countless young clients through conditions like reflux, constipation, restricted neck mobility, restlessness, and hip complications has been a profoundly rewarding aspect of her career.

Beyond the clinic, you’ll find Alex venturing into the realm of ultra-marathon training, navigating the serene depths of the ocean or pool for a refreshing swim, or traversing the globe in search of untouched landscapes and hidden gems (all with her trusty running shoes in tow).

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Meet Dan

Dr Daniel Pham - Osteopath
Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Masters of Health Science Osteopathy

Daniel, affectionately known as Dan, stands proud as a recent 2022 graduate from Victoria University, where he secured his degree in Osteopathy. With a heart brimming with a passion for occupational rehabilitation, Dan is driven by a deep-seated desire to provide holistic solutions for musculoskeletal injuries, aiming to elevate his client’s quality of life through comprehensive care. His unwavering commitment to tailoring primary care services to meet the distinct needs of every individual speaks volumes about his compassionate and client-centric approach.

While his professional endeavors keep him rooted in the pursuit of healing and well-being, Dan’s adventurous spirit extends far beyond the confines of his practice. You might catch him in action, fearlessly tackling bouldering challenges with finesse. On a leisurely day, Dan immerses himself in the vibrant culture of local cafes or you can find him head down in a good old fashioned book.

But the thrill of adventure doesn’t stop there for Dan. Whether he’s pumping iron at the neighborhood gym, pushing his physical boundaries, or embarking on a new fitness journey, Dan’s enthusiasm for an active lifestyle knows no bounds.

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