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Dr Alexandra D'Agostin - Osteopath

I spent most of my younger years spending hours on the pavement and track training for competitive racing in both track and triathlons.

Throughout this time, I witnessed firsthand injury after injury, whether they were my own or that of my team members. I realised then that my passion in life would be to help people achieve their goals pain-free, whether that was getting PBs, running a marathon or just getting through the working week without getting a headache.

From there, my passion for osteopathy continued to grow.

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I’ve been practising osteopathy and treating patients for a number of years. In this time I have enjoyed the challenge of treating the new and unique injuries that people present with on a daily basis. What I love most is using my two hats – my Exercise and Sports Science hat and my Osteopathy hat – to help diagnose, treat and then establish rehabilitation programs.

When I’m not working, I’m out training ultra-marathons, hitting the ocean or pool for a swim, or travelling the globe finding new and amazing places to explore (usually with my running shoes on!).

Osteopath South Yarra


1. Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science – University of Ballarat
2. Double degree in Applied Science and Osteopathy – RMIT

Osteopath South Yarra


Osteopath South Yarra


Osteopath South Yarra


Osteopath South Yarra