What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic manual therapy that aims to restore normal function within the body. Osteopathy looks at the whole body instead of just focusing on the symptom. By highlighting the cause of the pain, not just the localized area, we structure our treatments accordingly.

Osteopathy is a combination of soft tissue, manipulation articulation and realignment of the body. It focuses on the treatment of joints, bones, soft tissue, muscles, nervous system and viscera to optimise movement and overall health and wellbeing.

Corporate Workshops

At Back It Up Osteopathy, we believe it is important to invest some time thinking about how to optimise your home workspace to protect and support your physical (and mental) wellbeing. So, we developed the following workshops to help workers at home set aside some time to look after their bodies.

'Stretch and Move'

Presented as a one-off session or a series of workshops. Designed to guide office workers through easy and adaptable exercises that they can do from the comfort of their home workspace. Our sessions aim to educate, while providing useful tools that can be implemented daily to assist individuals with potential postural compensations, minor injuries, and pain, that may be contributed to by working from home.

At the conclusion of our sessions a downloadable with a summary of our key points for future reference.

'Ergonomics at Home'

These sessions can be run in a group environment or for the individual worker.

Back It Up Osteopathy can appreciate that many people who are now working from home won’t have the perfect office set up and for some working at their dining room table and benches are the new norm. In these sessions, we aim to provide information and advice to office workers on their current set up. We help them by sharing the adjustments they can make to create a more ergonomically sound workspace.



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