Corporate Workshops

Back it Up Osteopathy is always looking for ways to support our clients further. We are excited to now be offering a range of Wellness online virtual workshops. We offer a tailored service which can be delivered in person or online. Our workshops can be variable in length covering ergonomics, healthy desk habits, and stretch classes which are aimed to be performed at the workers desk / office space. All workshops can be delivered in person or virtually and are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Corporate Workshop Themes

The workshops are designed to educate and support workers in creating a healthy workplace to improve their overall health and wellbeing. All workshops are focussed on areas that have been founded to be of high interest to workers.


Workplace design and implementing ergonomic principles is a key component to promoting a productive and comfortable workspace,

With office workers spending an increasing number of hours at a desk, whether that be at home or in the office, the importance of correct ergonomic setup is more crucial than ever. Having the correct setup not only reduces workplace-related injuries but will also improve the productivity and work efficiency of the worker.

Did you know that ergonomics is more than just simply adjusting a chair?  Assessing workspace components such as lighting, screen heights and positioning are all factors we need to take into consideration. Something as simple as positioning a computer screen at the correct height will decrease the unnecessary repetitive motion of a person’s neck, and reduce eye fatigue.

Items for your desk to improve your health and wellbeing

This session talks about key items we should have on our desks throughout the day to improve our productivity and overall wellbeing whilst at work. We will go into depth on the importance of nutrition and hydration, including how a decrease of 2% in hydration can decrease productivity by 12 %. We will talk about different tools we can use throughout the day to reduce stress and help assist with maintaining good posture throughout the day.

Sleep, why is it important and are we getting enough?

This session will discuss the factors preventing us from a good night’s sleep. The effects a lack of sleep has on our health and wellbeing and how to create healthy sleep habits.

Nutritional desk snacks.

This session focuses on finding the perfect desk snack. Having a well-thought-out balanced diet has been proven to improve our productivity. This session discusses the importance of a variety of food groups and the benefits of choosing the ideal snack.

Stretch and Move

Let’s get those bodies moving! Our Stretch and Move workshop gives workers an opportunity to participate in and learn, a range of movements and stretches that can be completed at their desks to help prevent common desk work injuries. This allows workers to utilise their desk time to fit in some daily exercise.



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