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Say goodbye to making sacrifices for your osteopathic care with Back It Up Osteopathy. I appreciate how the busy nature of modern life can get in the way of putting our health first, which is why I’ve established a clinic in the heart of Melbourne’s business hub. Centrally located in Collins Square and open five days a week, Back It Up Osteopathy is taking the hassle out of trying to make an appointment with an osteopath South Melbourne. Having a conveniently located South Melbourne Osteopathy clinic means you can pay a visit on the way to work, after work or even during your lunch break and take the time to do something good for yourself. To find out more or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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Back It Up Osteopathy Docklands

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Osteopath South Melbourne

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Who can benefit from osteopathy?

Anyone can benefit from osteopathy! Back It Up Osteopathy is a clinic for both adults and children who are seeking treatment for a range of issues. Children and teens are susceptible to growing pains and scoliosis. With proper treatment and a good level of professional care, these issues can be resolved before they become something far more severe. When it comes to adults, I have experience treating individuals in a range of professions. Whether you’re experiencing issues from sitting in an office chair all day or something that came about from sport or exercise, I can help. I’ll work with you and establish the cause of the issue in order to reach a solution and work towards a healthy future.

How can I help you?

I take great pride in what I do, and as your osteopath South Melbourne, I’m available to assist with a wide range of problems that can stem from all sorts of scenarios, such as:

  • Minor car accidents, leading to whiplash or other, similar injuries.
  • Incorrect posture, which can cause minor or significant spinal damage over time.
  • Sports injuries, which are very common in teens and young adults.
  • Overuse (RSI) whether doing everyday activities or exercising.
  • Pregnancy, which places a lot of additional pressure on the spine and requires a gentle touch.
  • Childbirth, which puts the body under extreme stress and can take some time to resolve
  • Stress, which often leads to holding tension in the neck and results in headaches.

Osteopath South Melbourne – Book Your Appointment

Everyone patient who visits Back It Up Osteopathy can expect a high quality of service and a professional, understanding approach. If you have any questions regarding how long your treatment might take, whether your issue can be resolved via the holistic approach of an Osteopath South Melbourne or if your pain is urgent, please ask. I’m more than happy to talk through any concerns you might have. I look forward to helping to alleviate your pain and getting you back to your healthiest self. Make your appointment through the ‘Book Now’ button or by calling me, Dr Alexandra D’Agostin, on 0439 222 550.